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Nibble Development

Nibble Development

PHP classes and libraries for developers

Nibble Development

Here at Nibble Development we mess around with PHP code with the aim of creating useful libraries, classes and applications that will help other developers in their coding mission. All of the code that we produce is open source and free for anyone to pick up and use. Our main classes like the Nibble PHP forms class are designed to simply make coding more fun and much faster. If you have any ideas, questions or thoughts on our code, please contact us.

Nibble PHP libraries and classes

We currently have two main classes that we are developing, a PHP form class for generating and validating HTML5 forms, and, a PHP flash messaging class that uses a third party jQuery plugin to create and display flash messages to users.

Nibble forms, which is our PHP form class is built to be as simple to use as possible but without restricting flexibility. To achieve this we have made the initial form instantiation achievable in just one line of code per HTML form field. Most fields can be instantiated with just one or two arguments, most just require a string for the label text. The flexibility comes from the number of arguments that can be passed to the fields to customise HTML markup, error message text, validation methods etc.

Nibble flash messaging is our other simple PHP class that takes heading and content strings and renders them as Flash messages to the user. Creating a flash message takes just one line of code and can either persist through one page load or show on the load of the current page.
Please take a look at our PHP classes and if they are useful to you, please use them.

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