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Nibble Development

Nibble Development

PHP classes and libraries for developers

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We are always looking for new work and useful input, please don’t hesitate to send any query’s you may have our way.

The contact form below requires all fields to be completed in order to send a query. You should receive an Email confirmation on our receipt of your message.

Do you have some development work that you want a quote for? We are happy to get stuck into most projects and talk about/give advise about the development process.

Are you currently developing a project and a little stuck? We have no problems consulting and advising on projects, in fact we would love to help out.

Are you looking to start out on the Web and don’t know what software to use? We have experience developing with a wide range of Web softwares and are only to happy to respond to email asking us to share our knowledge.

Luke Rotherfield

Freelance PHP Developer
is a PHP developer dedicated to writing the most awesome liraries for his fellow devs :) enjoy

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