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Nibble Development

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Troubleshooting Nibble Forms

There are a couple of instances we can think of that might cause issues in your code when trying to use Nibble Forms. If your case is neither of the below please feel free to contact us for a few pointers.

“Every submission a CRSF error occours”

In order to make sure that the request come from the site hosting the form, there is a CRSF prevention technique applied to the forms created by Nibble forms. In order to work, this technique requires a session to be started. It may be worth checking that you have this snippet in your code somewhere (best at the start of the application) above the include for the Nibble forms:

“I want to use the JQuery notifications but I keep getting fatal errors”

Although the Nibble forms library is a stand alone collection, in order to use the flash messaging you must also have the Nibble flash PHP class included in your application. On a plus note, its another simple class that allows you to put/create notifications from anywhere in your application, not just an add-on to the forms library.

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