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Nibble Development

Nibble Development

PHP classes and libraries for developers

Nibble Framework: PHP plugin based framework

The Nibble PHP Framework is a lightweight, plug-in based PHP framework that is designed specifically using PHP 5.3 functionality such as namespaces. The aim of the framework is to allow developers to easily develop Websites and Web applications as collections of plug-ins that can be reused in other developments and shared with other developers. Sharing plug-ins allows faster and often better developments to be made, and, therefore better contributions to be given back to the PHP community.

All plug-ins are developed in a single folder that is uploaded to the Bites (Bites is the name given to Nibble plug-ins) folder when its functionality is required on Website or in a Web application. Each plug-in can then be installed by simply using the drag and drop interface that comes with the Nibble PHP Framework.

The Nibble PHP Framework includes multiple classes designed to aid in development such as the Nibble Forms class, Twitter feeds class and many others. These PHP classes are all included in the library folder. As well as PHP classes developed by Nibble Development, third party classes are included that add powerful functionality. The largest and most central of these being the RedBeanPHP ORM that serves as the model for the Nibble PHP Framework.

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